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Attention Artist Universe

Oculus Theatre Co is accepting audition submissions for future projects​.

What to submit:


  1. A video no longer than three minutes. This video should include at least one monologue and another contrasting monologue or some other performative part of your creative life that shows off your talents/skills. The video should be submitted via Youtube or Vimeo link included in your email. This ensures it will be viewable to our casting department. Please, make sure we can see you clearly, and that we are not just looking at a talking head. Medium to long shots are preferred.

  2. A Headshot/Photo

  3. A resume/CV


Include in the Subject Line: “General Auditions, (Your Name)”


All submissions should be sent to:


There will be in-person auditions as projects are finalized, and those who submit this way will be given first priority for audition times. All in-person auditions will be held in Bennington, VT, and Adams, MA, respectively. In some instances, a video audition will be sufficient. This will be determined on a project-by-project basis.


Video submissions are a rolling submission process.  Any questions can be sent to the above email address as well.

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