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Class - Acting 1 - The exploration of personal understanding.


8 weeks, Mondays 6:30 - 9:30, Adults, $250, Class Max 12

Whether you are just curious or serious about acting, this class will give you insights into your body and mind in ways that can help you in a classroom, boardroom, on stage or in life. Students will develop and improve their observational skills, memory, body awareness, and empathy. All tools that make actors and non-actors better communicators. 

Rehearsal time and memorization of a brief text required.

                                                                                     Dates will be in May and June.

Class - Acting 2 - A better understanding of the craft.

8 weeks, Tuesdays 6:30 - 9:30, Adults, $250, Class Max 12

Requirement: Acting 1 or previous experience that demonstrates an understanding of acting fundamentals.

This class builds on the foundations of Acting 1. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the language of acting. Through scene study and exercises, the actor further develops the skills necessary to remain specific, grounded, and truthful with each role they take on. 


Rehearsal time and memorization of a text required.


       Dates will be in July and August

David Watson earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre at Virginia Commonwealth University, a Bachelor of Science in Media and Performance at Brooklyn College, and graduated from Circle in the Square Theatre School, one of New York City’s premier training programs with an emphasis on acting. He has coached and taught acting for over 20 years.

He has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and nationally as well as television and film. He is excited to bring his passion for the arts and teaching experience to northwest Massachussets and the tristate area.

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